Unsecured bad credit UK loan guide

Getting an unsecured loan is the easiest way to get access to an unsecured UK loan even with a bad credit status. Unsecured loans for bad credit UK has helped many UK residents who, for various reasons, have had past failures with banks and lenders which results in denial of new credit from the same […]

credit analysis

What you should know about credit analysis?

What is credit analysis? Credit analysis is simply the evaluated creditworthiness of a business or organization. Simply put credit analysis determines whether or not a company can fulfill all of its financial obligations. Credit analysis is used in a variety of financial transactions, including banks that lend to small businesses or companies that issue bonds. […]

Debt Recovery

What is the Role of a Collection Agency in Debt Recovery?

If you have an outstanding amount owed, or a bill that hasn’t been paid, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered an agent from a collections agency. And if you haven’t, you may be wondering, what it is that a collections agency does with regards to debt recovery? This article will explain the role of a […]